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Roll With Me

This song is by abs and appears on the album Abstract Theory (2003).

Original video
It's just one of those days when
Nothing wants to go alright.
So I slipped on a brand new shirt and stepped out into the night.
And as I rode down the road in my Benz,
See you standin' with a man,
You was chilling with my best friend.
Acting like he's all you need.
When last night you was tryin' to get it on with me.

You're making your moves on me, baby.
It's wrong but it feels so right.
You're trying to play with me, lady.
But it wont go down tonight...

You wanna roll with me, roll with me...
Mess about.
You better keep it low before we get found out.
I wanna rock with you, rock with you...
All night.
Dance with your body until the morning light.
You wanna bounce with me, bounce with me...
Take it slow.
Don't wanna jeopardize, gotta let you know.
If you're leaving tonight, it will all be alright.

Girl, you keep it on a down low.
You keep on tellin' me nobody has to know.
But you don't wanna compromise,
Always keep a brother hooked with your bedroom eyes.
Gonna do what I can to keep it real
But inside what I feel, baby girl, what the deal now?
Even though I always lose,
Either way that I play but I gotta choose...



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