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This song is by abs and appears on the album Abstract Theory (2003).

Original video
it must have been about a couple of days gone by
when i last saw you and said bye bye
when you walked away and left me alone
now all i get is a dial tone when i call your phone
occasionally i've rolled around your way
i've thought about the words that i could say
but you ain't try to feel me, no
you don't even want to hear me
oh, is it my turn to cry over you
coz no matter what i do
those rainy days wont leave me alone

what kind of love leaves you feeling cold
all alone with nobody to hold
don't wanna feel like i did that day
let the rain wash the pain away
sometimes i think i hear you call my name
sometimes its just my mind playing games
but nothings changed its still all the same
let the rain wash the pain away

see your picture all up in a magazine
with some other cat i aint ever seen
you were looking more beautiful than i'd ever seen
hear come those lonely feelings again
i must be tripping on myself
coz the fact that your with somebody else
it's getting me down girl, i can't deny
i guess thats what it sounds like when a dove cries
oh, did you choose girl or was you told
coz no matter what i do
those rainy days wont leave me alone


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