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Come With A Little Bit More

This song is by abs.

Yo, sonic kaboom, I bring it to ya like a monsoon.
MC upon scene, bring it to ya whole team.
Kaboom! Guess who stepped in the room?
The pop bandit with another kris choon.
Make ya, make ya, make ya, wanna dance to this,
Make ya, make ya, wanna bust and shake ya pants to this.
It don't stop...
What else can I say but phwoy?
That's why they call me playboy...

All you do is hypnotize.
I know I do... can't ya see that I have to?
All you do is get it right...
But I have to do,
Gotta do what I can to make you...

Come with a little bit, come with a little bit more, more, more, more...
Come with a little bit, come with a little bit more.

Sonic kaboom, so tell me just what ya gonna do?
Tell your DJ that this your daily tune.
I'm like a mineral cure for your body and soul now,
Lay down, let me take control now.
It's just a way, got you high...
Got all night, no asking why.
I got ya, ya best to believe it.
Stone cold cos that's how I leave it...



So how do you...
Do what ya do?
The way that ya do.
You feeling me, like I'm feeling you?
How do I...
Know what ya like?
Ya always bring it right,
You dance for me, get down tonight.



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