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​Master Of Illusions

This song is by Abrasion and appears on the album Abrasion (2001).

Back to the darkness
Now my depression is real
No more conclusions
Fear I do not feel
Back to the illusion
I wanna see the light
My mind need freedom
The years go on tonight

Run with the madness
To the end of the world
Feeling the sadness
What's fucking wrong?

Born into darkness
Don't cling on to the past
My certain feeling
Not looking to the past
Feeling like murder
I know he's just behind
The horse of evil
Please get out my mind

Oh! lord don't leave me alone
With the evil around the world I just not so strong
Tell me what I have wrong
Who's the master of illusions?
Oh Jesus, take my hand, help me face the evil
Couse' I can't stand this mad world... inside my head
Who's the master of illusions?