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Fire From Below

This song is by Abrasax and appears on the album Burning Souls In The Snow - Demo (1998).

Will mankind ever know
How powerful I once was?

Children slaughtered...
In my honour
1000 witches, sodomising...
For me...

Uncountable plagues and sufferings I send
Onto those who were not faitful
I still can hear the shrieks

Kuranes Kuranes Kuranes!

Long forgotten I am now
No powers without beliefs,
Humans have their own good God now
Compared to what I once was

Kuranes Kuranes Kuranes!

Condemned to survive in a dark dimension
With the help of an admiration from a few fools
I dispise them, the apocalyptic slaves
Once I was powerful... will humans ever know?

Kuranes Kuranes Kuranes!

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