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Why Try?

This song is by Abraham Cloud and appears on the album The Children Of The Milkman (2002).

I've been thinkin' 'bout ambition,
And I've been wishin' that I had some.
I've been watchin' the convertibles,
Looks like fun, if you have one.

Why try?
Come on pretty baby, why try?

Went to an auction, over my head,
Old lady died, fifty bucks to get in.
She had some fine stuff, went for millions,
She didn't get a dime, neither did I,

When you're standin' in the parking lot,
And you're thinkin' hard 'bout what you haven't got,
All those minutes spent in misery,
Why not think of nothing,
Live in ecstasy,
Why try?

You got your health,
You got it all,
You got some good friends,
Go have a ball.
Why try?

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