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Voyage To Afghanistan

This song is by Abraham Cloud and appears on the album Voyage To Afghanistan (2000).

As I sit here in my room, thinking hard bout what to do, I start thinking I've been thinking way too much. Time to totally relax, find someone to scratch my back, then just lay here watching night turn into you. Something in the way you breathe with your mouth open unsettles me, makes me think I missed out on life and you could breathe life in me... like air-conditioning... or a good movie, like some cash in my hand, A VOYAGE TO AFGHANISTAN.
In a place where no one goes, there's a path that no one chose, and its leading to a large uncovered hole. If you drop a rock just right, you can listen most the night, and you'll never hear it say its satisfied. Imagine the shocked surprise on your friends and family, as you leave the comfort of home for the raging sea, with a guy like me, on an insane trip to trace the roots of humanity, A VOYAGE TO AFGHANISTAN.

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