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Pieces Of A Dream

This song is by Abraham Cloud and appears on the album The Wind Is Falling In Love (2005).

In the middle of the day
In the middle of the street
In the middle of a vivid daydream
She knew what it means
And she started to scream ? You can't have it?
All we are is pieces of a dream
And I'm gonna live it 'til the last day
Never lookin' back to see what's gone

On the last row of the bus
On the last page of the book
Inscribed in pencil we read ? Nothing will last?
And the man in the hat
Says that revolution is a personal thing

Throw your baggage from the car
Start again right where you are

Ominously pacing slow
Even pigeons hanging low
No one steps outside to see where they are
They're stuck in their cars
Listening to required radio

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