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Over The Hill

This song is by Abraham Cloud and appears on the album The Children Of The Milkman (2002).

If I do what I wanna do,
I'll go to jail for a year or two.
If I stay in my living room,
I'll never get over the hill.

Sherman Oaks, they got a lot to do,
Shopping malls, swimming pools,
A lotta pretty people
An they all wanna screw,
But I never got over the hill...

I tried to analyze this fear inside
Breakin' through.
If you agree to run off with me,
We'll run in the sun
'Til the sun finally finds its way out,
Check it out,

Met a girl under somebody's table,
Shared a smile an a mashed potato,
Said she loved me but she just wasn't able,
She couldn't get over the hill

Thinking? back to the days
Spent in high school,
Science teachers would always
Eyeball you,
Wish I'd seen the left side of the menu,
I might gone over the hill

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