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Nikki, I've Been There Too

This song is by Abraham Cloud and appears on the compilation album Freshly Broken Glass (2013).

When you feel like you don't belong
And everything you've ever done is wrong
Nothing here makes much sense at all
Give me a call, it's true

Nikki, I've been there too

When you're hiding all alone in your place
Trying to wipe the night off your face
Wish you'd never said what you feel
Feelings are real things too

Nikki, I've been there too

Counting up your change
Ready to change everything today
Hop on a bus,
For a new place to start again

Nikki, we've been there too

Remember not to take it too hard
Tomorrow it's a joke at the bar
We'll be drinking sweet memories
Long Island Ice Teas for two

Nikki, I've been there too
And it's getting every day
Ya we're getting better every day
Nikki, I've been there too
And I'll always be there for you
Nikki, I've been there too.