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Break Out

This song is by Abraham Cloud and appears on the compilation album Freshly Broken Glass (2013).

It was a wonderful bus
And it was all about us

We packed a sizeable lunch
And a thermos of trust

So break out

We had a valid ID
It said to do as you please

We've got the world at out feet
And lots of fast food to eat in the end

So she turned and she said
Break out

Colonial Tom came along
With his popular song

He couldn't turn his neck
Because he'd been in a wreck long ago

So she turned and she said
Break out

They had their armor all on
As they awaited the dawn

Break out

With prestige up my sleeve

Break out

Onion patch
With a breakable latch

Break out

Meaning fell out
Of a practiced pout

Break out

Intolerable sun
Lighting the wonderful one

Break out

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