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A Dog Called Man

This song is by Abraham Cloud and appears on the album Voyage To Afghanistan (2000).

When I saw myself, standin next to me, I couldn't help but see the similarity had faded like somebody's two-week-vacation-summer-tan
One had a problem, and one had a dog he called man
When the king came down to the truck-stop-town, there was a big parade, it was a big let-down
We thought that an answer was there in his uncallused hand
We had a problem, he left us a dog he called man
Meanwhile outside, no one walked alone at night
The missionaries left on ferries, bound for foreign sanctuaries
One held a sign that said, "Its Time To Forget Your Problems And Find Food For That Dog Called Man ." It was a giant dog, almost forty feet, as the day went on we knew it had to eat
We offered our lemons, we offered our tasty home-made pies
The dog ate religion with soda and large-order-fries

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