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What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

This song is by Above This Fire and appears on the album In Perspective (2005).

As we hang here by a thread
And as the morning light pours in
I can only hope for a chance
To repay everything
Through the hardest times to date
It's so rare to find one thing
That will see me through
From the darkest hell
To the brightest heavens

Say what you will
My hope has been restored
Say what you will
I have redemption in my grasp
Say what you will
I know that I can still move on
Say what you will
But this stays with me for a lifetime

When I've come
Down to the end of my rope
And I can't see the end
It's good to know
That I can count on you
For all the times
That I have almost faded away
You could have easily turned and left

Mark my words
I will be standing by your side
Why would you follow me
To the point of no return
I guess that's what I get
For putting my faith in you
I get friendships that last
As long as time allows
For now there is a reason
To hold on

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