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Deceiver Within

This song is by Above This Fire and appears on the album In Perspective (2005).

I am nothing more
Than a ghost in your eyes
And when I spoke of potential
Those were the last words
I wish I could stop from choking
And for once let the truth show
I have counted the days
While you counted all my faults
I want to let me honesty set me free from these shackles
I've watched my leaders go from allies to enemies
From the point of loyalty
To the point of breaking
I'll never understand why
I'll never understand how
So keep up your front
But all the while you shake me to splinters
Hours stolen from me
I now see the deceiver within
So now I keep my head through a heavy heart
As of right now this place
Is a graveyard

I'll pass through the misery
I'll keep on despite the stares from vultures
I will rip out the claws
From my own back
If this is what I have to do,
So be it
In the end, it's all about standing up for myself
Seperate me in the form of flying
Setting myself aside
Making promises
That will remain [x4]

My foundation for hereafter
What lies in front of me
Will tell me of my fate
The hour is nearing
I can't deny my heart
I won't fail today [x2]

The endless moments of what might become of me
I've known it would all come down to this moment right here
But will it take a lifetime
To find out if my choice is right
I will not turn back,
There will be no regret

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