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Miles Apart

This song is by Above This Fire and appears on the album In Perspective (2005).

You can't see
The distance you created
Has torn us up
It's so hard to take
And you can't see
As the days go on
Time will be your arsonist
Time will be your eulogy
So what went wrong
Through everything words went unheard
Or did we fall apart?
Or was it out of sight,
Out of mind
I wish I knew how
We fell away so fast
I know the reasons are few an far between
As far as you an me goes
It has lost all meaning and value
I must move on
I cannot give you all of me now
Because you decided to walk away
I must move on
And I can't let this happen to me

And for the sake of letting go
While I watched you fade into thin air
I disapprove
Because of all the heart that I've invested
It seems to play a smaller role now
And that's what happens when the days pass
So I keep looking forward
And keep my eyes on the horizon
Consider this a farewell note
A reminder of yesterday
I'm cutting myself loose
I'm letting go

And this has to stop
So reflect back on the past
I know this has to be the last time
That I resurrect this part of my life
For now I'll close this chapter
For now I'll set myself free
And prepare for your reasons
The reasons why you turned your back on me

I'm cutting myself loose
I'm letting go

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