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In Designing A Requiem

This song is by Above This Fire and appears on the album In Perspective (2005).

When everything came crashing down
The emptiness tore me up
From the inside out
The silence broke me down to nothing
Through the ashes of this year
I saw you buried and laid to rest
It was so hard to hold back all my tears
I never thought I'd see the day
That I would have to mourn a fallen friend

So I stand in disbelief,
Unwilling to accept
I try to understand
How a world consumed by darkness
It's a tragedy
That it lost one of it's brightest lights
In a time when things fall apart so quick
I still hold on to the pieces
And keep you alive

This requiem is all I have
To show that you are in my heart
To show that you are still with me

In a time when things fall apart so quick
And mourning became a constant
It's up to me to make sure that you aren't forgotten
From this day forward I will not relive the days of grieving
Release your ghost and finally let it rest
Your imprint still stays with me
I held on to your words
They were a guide
When the storm was right on top of me
The days behind me are broken
Your spirit still lives inside
Through it all

I will remember
I will remember
I will remember

I will carry on for you

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