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City Of Locust

This song is by Above This Fire and appears on the album In Perspective (2005).

Your empty threats fell on my deaf ears
Long distance lies from the tongue of someone else
I showed you that I can shed these scars
I'll keep my head above the rising water
And I'll stand tall through days and the nights
I won't let these demons lead me down the path of deception
It's only words from the mouths of the weak
I'll set the example
I'll set myself apart (from you)

So how does it feel?
To know that I have overcome
So how does it feel?
To know that I picked myself back up

How far? How far has this gone?
I'm in the shadow
Of something that's trying to bury me alive
It seems to be all so crystal clear
To everyone around me
While I remain here in the dark
The truth shall light my way

I know at this point,
I know it's up to me to either let the undertow
Pull me down or cut myself free
And fight my way out
This will stop, this will end today
And it will all come back on you

It's up to me

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