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You Didn't Watch Sesame Street... Did You?

This song is by Above All Else.

I would've stayed and talked for hours
You wouldn't give a second more
Your words broke through like tidal waves
It's not ok, it's not ok
The dial tone seemed empty
And I couldn't savour your
Broken hearts and white on red
I loved you more until the end

I couldn't count the times I called you
Every message with your name
We couldn't be recovered
It's not my fault, I'm not to blame
Though the night seemed like forever
I know you'd end it just the same
Even though you didn't feel a thing
It's not a game, it's not the same

Don't drown, just say you're sorry (say you're sorry)
I'll breathe for you
Hold on baby, wait for me, just wait for me
I'll wait for you.

Giving up (never seemed so easy)
You meant more to me (so much more to me)
Area codes (and phone numbers aside)
That was easily (the worst day of my life)

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