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2u 4u Fuck You

This song is by Abortus and appears on the album Judge Me Not (1999).

Old friends become cold friends
That pain stops, life begins to mend the wound
In my mind I knew I would always heal
I rose today and looked deep into my heart and soul, & I know exactly what's real

So I dedicate relate this to you
"Dedicate relate through you" fuck you
Do it just to irritate you, fuck you

They'll always try and stop you growing
Always question what you're knowing
They'll always question what is real
In your heart, in your soul, in your mind
Fuck them

Old friends now irrelevant, their pain keeps growing,
Mine lays stagnant
Buried deep within my past,
Attitudes lay null and void, opinionate you've tried and told
But I laughed so hard on this that you pray

Old friends dagger in hand
Face and back turned start attacking
Weakness, what a laughable approach
Water off a ducks back
Another time no need to back track
Leave your spineless views and just walk on

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