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Sexual Intercorpse

This song is by Aborted Jesus and appears on the album Carnival of Gonorrhea (2007).

Always the gentleman, I've brought my date flowers.
But I'm late for our rendezvous as I've been digging for hours.
"CURSES!" I scream, for I have soiled my clown suit.
I can feel it in my loins now. Soon I shall sample the forbidden fruit.

My biceps strain as I pry off this lid
To reveal my love inside, her name was Enid.
Or so I am told by the headstone inscription
I pray her flesh holds up to the impending friction.

Unleashing my manhood I am horrified to find
My dear has no vagina and no more behind
It's all rotted off, but there's no need to fear
I'll just stab a hole elsewhere, and jam it in there

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