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Pedophilia Time Machine Part Ii

This song is by Aborted Jesus and appears on the album Carnival of Gonorrhea (2007).

Three years have passed since my last trip
When I sodomized Christ and felt his infant anus rip
But the times are tough now, I'm a bit low on cash
So in my twisted brain a new scheme is hatched

I fire up the time machine once again
And pay another visit to my carpenter friend
This time I'll visit him at the age of thirteen
I'm erect in anticipation of the upcoming scene

Hey Jesus! What's up? I'd like you to meet this horse.
You'll be getting to know him. Intimately, of course.
So drop your tunic or I'll stab your eyes out fast
At knifepoint you'll be forced to do this horse in the ass!

With my video camera / I record each wonderful thrust
And when I return to my time / I'll satisfy your lust
When you buy a copy / of Christ Gone Wild online
See your savior blow an animal / for just $12.99!