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Pedophilia Time Machine

This song is by Aborted Jesus and appears on the album Carnival of Gonorrhea (2007).

They don't make 'em like the used to
No, kids these days just ain't the same
I can molest them all day long
And barely feel anything in my schlong

Now only one thing excites me
Unholy prepubescent blasphemy

So with my unparalleled knowledge
Of theoretical physics
I will build a time machine
And begin my semen-stained journey

Engage the flux capacitor
Prepare to travel through the space time continuum
I set a course for the holy manger
And bring a wiseman costume from Target

Follow the star
Crawl through some hay
Murder a goat

I arrive to see the newborn Christ
And I've already got a huge boner
I shove his stupid bitch mom to the ground
And drop a deuce on her chest for good measure
I jam my wang into the baby's ass
And give him my gift of a Myrrhy Sanchez
I blow my load right on Jesus' face
It's kind of funny 'cause it looks like his beard