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Necronomicon Bedtime Story

This song is by Aborted Jesus and appears on the album Carnival of Gonorrhea (2007).

Carefully fill out the job application
Ignore the section about my past convictions
My plan has worked, I am now employed
At the local day care center

First day at work, I'll read them a story
To soothe their minds before nap time
And so I recite from the Necronomicon
Unleashing undead among the children!
All right! Hot damn!

I flee the building to save my own life
And peer through the window at the carnage
Toddlers are torn to hundreds of pieces
Blood now mixes with their milk and crayons

After work, you get in your SUV
I crouch behind a bush across the street
I watch you pull into the lot
I giggle and then defecate just a bit
Oh man!

You open the door to the day care center
Oh, such a surprise in store for you
As you watch you precious child
Eviscerated by a demonic entity