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Cannibalism Time Machine

This song is by Aborted Jesus and appears on the album Carnival of Gonorrhea (2007).

Fire up the time machine again
And grab the cooler and a lot of beers
I hope the boys all RSVP'd
Oh man, this cookout's gonna kick some ass
We're heading back in time once more
I'm getting sloppy drunk on Coors
We could all go for some BBQ
Methinks some holy rump roast will do

Christ, it looks like you're in a bind
Some dudes nailed you to a piece of wood
Jerk, turn your frown upside down
Rejoice, my boys and me will get you down
And we will bring you to our BBQ!
Because all we'd like to eat is YOU
What luck to find you nailed up on a cross
That thing'll make a fuckin' perfect spit!

Our time machine is the best
Please pass a slice of Christ breast
I'd give up eating you for Lent
But you're too succulent

Don't forget the steak sauce
This meat's stringy, I need to floss
On the third day he shall return
I resurrect him as a turd