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The Sanctification Of Fornication

This song is by Aborted and appears on the album The Purity Of Perversion (1999).

Bless the narrow sphincter of the whore,
The major commandment where priests live for
Religious pornography starring the children
Divine eyes dilate with concupiscence...
Thrusting and bursting,
Forbidden climax on the altar
Embodiment of god?
Emaciate Childfucker...

Divine Fornication, untenable priestly urges
Engratiating prayers, addictive sacred orgasms

Woe betide if you tell... Perennial torture awaiting you in hell
Live faecial messiahanic miscarriage
Stick your rod upon the son of god...

Sworn to celibacy, Anal Christianity
This is my rotten semen, suck your way to gos
Swallow my seed, feel pain...
Lick the diarrhoea from his arse,
Sphinctral whoreson froma virgin's cunt...

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