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The Lament Configuration

This song is by Aborted and appears on the album The Purity Of Perversion (1999).

See- the waste
His rancid stinking spunk, sparkling in the moonlight�

Torn apart by hooks, celebral lobes are emerging
From the cavities. Convulsive regurgitations
Of decomposed entrails. The reek of putrefaction
Corporal perdition fall upon thee.
Bludgeeoned th death, suppurating liquids,
I savour your skin

Extemporaneous exploration
Of the mass beneath the skull.
Countenance completely minced,
The cranial skin is excoriated.
Bulging eyes I pierce, scraping the cornea
Intersection of the carotid.

Extirpation of the dying pile of puke
Excressence of humanity, an organic cesspool
Androgynous propagation,
Of my pathological murderousness

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