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Organic Puzzle

This song is by Aborted and appears on the album The Purity Of Perversion (1999).

Free my hate...

Aching need to carve up women, I'll rape their souls
Spastic gestures as I retract the saw...

Spectral indoctrination of a superior mind,
Well thought emaciation of the human kind...

Worthless pile of crud, the stench of internal spunk
My knee deep in you menstrual blood, relentless sight of gore.

I Penetrate your mind, your thoughts, pathetic being.
I eliminate your flesh, I am your god...
Vomit type puss errupts from her pit
Pittoresque sculpture of bile degraded to road ornaments.

I'll rape their hearts & souls, as for a drug I scream for more.

I penetrate your flesh, unbound by laws, I Severe your soul.
I humiliate & defile, your skin, You'll beg for more.
I split your intestines, you're a body bag fill to me
Insane sexist bastard, my first in your... Ass...

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