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The Last Communion

This song is by Abominable Putridity and appears on the album The Anomalies of Artificial Origin (2012).

Hymns of the season feast on weakened minds
Attending the divine liturgy recounting the word
The invisible reveals the word of truth
Kneel before the pagan symbol - repent...

The last communion
The last communion

Fashoined from clay - ashers of men
Serve the sun - fot it dies at night
And brings new life - come out of the netherworld
Navigate the abyss until the hour od re
All cattle all worms he has created
The mud of the nile - fermented and decayed
Without seeds - watch as the sun shall rise

Gilgamesh the oracle...

A stone in the desert of set
The tablets of enuma elish
Long before the word was truth
The bread of life - the truth and the light

The last communion...

Pharoh of hor-us in life
Pharoh of hor-us in death
Pharoh of the sun of ra
Walking through the fifth dynasty
The elder of paganism
The identicle mythological origins
Stealing images from the pagan world
Speading a disease of resurrection...


Music by:

Abominable Putridity

Lyrics by:

Matti Way