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Remnants of the Tortured

This song is by Abominable Putridity and appears on the album The Anomalies of Artificial Origin (2012).

As I awake to the black
Unbleached detecting cells
Regenerate no adapting to the
Darkness I must sleep

I can hear sounds of
The tools metal on metal
Testing for a proper incision
The smell of a hospital
Lingers in the air
A foreign tongue a language
I do not know but I
Can hear the laughter
Bound in this chair my
Last memories are close

Remnants of torture

When will I wake consciousness
Of lucid dreaming I can feel the
Metal as my mouth fills with blood
When will I wake

Above my carrion I peer down
Below to knowing now I am gone
A victim of the sick
I hed to the afterlife for retribution

Remnants of the tortured I sleep
Remnants of the torture a permanent dream...

Pain while dreaming - now I see again
To unmask this execution from
The nether realm...

Putrefaction denied my soul no sleep
Purgatory I lye waiting to ruin...

Music by:

Abominable Putridity

Lyrics by:

Matti Way