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The Perfect Sadness

This song is by Abnormity and appears on the Demo Demo 2002 (2002).

Flashbacks of you reminds me those days of light, when sadness was fall, and I held your hands.I'm always back to past searching you, I'm always back to past searching me.I still searching in the sky the answer to my emotional death.

Today I'll walk no more, I'll just wait to dawn.I've tried to advance But I'm at the beginning of the way.

My last thougth was your words. Why are you so far away? My last dream was your eyes. My last word, your name.

Dead echoes of hope are dancing on my head. Sleepless nigthmares defy my emotional brain.

In my final vision I suicide and next to my corpse you cry like a child. In my final vision I reach the peace and you love me in the only way.
...Disfuntional... emotions...

Sadness is cold, loneliness is dark, I know you don't love me, but I don't realize. Your fear has killed me, my weakness has bury me. I wouldn't change one kiss from you for all that pain, although it carries me to the grave

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