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Soft Velvet

This song is by Abnormity and appears on the album Come Get Some (2008).

I like it when you smack my face like this
I like it when you look at me like this
I love the fire burning in your eyes
I adore the feeling...

Strengh and Power I take off your cruel side
You hit me and all I feel is peace inside
Got pain, Oh I love my dirty mind
Nothing left but hate...

Hit me again - oh god I like it
Fuck me again - the way I like it

Come get on place yourself over my head
Sit on my face and choke me with your butt - it's mad
I like the way you rule about me torture me
I adore this feeling

I get stronger when I got my pain aside
You're the beauty with your long hard wooden board
Spank my ass and scrape my face with blackened nails
Get on over walk (over avidity)

Now I'm feeling something comes from deep inside
This prickeled feeling conqueres every single mind
I don't want to give up all myself to you
But I can't afford...

I cum harder just the way you want me to
All your nails have carved inside my bleeding flesh
Your face grinning slowly you get off from me
Once again I'm screaming...

Hit me again - oh god I like it
Fuck me again - the way I like it

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