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Ghost of Now

This song is by Abnormity and appears on the album Come Get Some (2008).

I can't stand all this
Life just makes me sick
Conscience salved by lies
No faith in you

Don't you stare around
With your open mouth
Just believe the truth
That's the ghost of now

Plants for president
War around my head
Run for your own life
There ain't angels left

Some do stray around
Some just stand their ground
We are all one kind
So what are we proud of?

Get down on your knees
All we know is fake
Rescue your free mind
We are the verity

Don't follow my mind
Everyone will die
Black clouds in the sky
Call for - call for a great misery

I am the Ghost of Now
Everyone of you motherfuckers knows me
You hate and love me
Decide on your own!

Don't walk after his
Minds how to exist
You have to decide
What is - what is your damn fucking life

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