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This song is by Abnormity and appears on the album Come Get Some (2008).

.:Strophe 1:.
I think, you can't tell - Why you feel like in hell
In your depression
Sadness in eyes says - Says 'I hate my life'
Why are you whining?

Now I feel your shame - But you're the one to blame
Keep your shit inside
Now you fake a smile - Keep it for a while
Your sorrow remains

Can you tell me, why you're crying?
Can you tell me, why you roam in pain?
Your mood feels like lying
One day you will go insane

.:Strophe 2:.
In your time of pain - Pity is your gain
But not much longer
Tremble in your voice - says 'I have no choice'
That's, what you're thinking

Sickness deep within - There's no sweeter sin
Nothing, you deserve
Rage runs through your veins - Fills your heart with pain
Coming out one day

.:Strophe 3:.
Take without regret - Everything, you get
But go your way alone!
Disgust in your face - Says 'I feel disgrace'
Keep your life in mind

Now you realize - You've just been victimized
In this world full of all those
Vultures surround you - You're their favorite food
Change your Attitude!

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