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Consuming Infinity

This song is by Abnormality and appears on the album Mechanisms of Omniscience (2016).

Entropy, the inevitable
The brightest of stars eventually falls
Into the black hole
Blissful, enveloping, and all-consuming
We stood and watched it go
Heading into the event horizon
Circling around until the last bit of light sucked down
The loudest of sounds often go unheard
In the vacuum of space
Death spiral
Turning, ever churning
Insatiable gravity
No beginning and no end
Meaningful and meaningless
Space time warping to ultimate zero
Floating above what is, was and will be
Existing forever and never
Everywhere and nowhere
All of existence moves us at the end of infinity
Only through destruction is creation unleashed
We stood and watched it go
Reborn in parallel
A moment of clarity
Past lives eclipsing
Dimensions glimpsed in dreams
See you on the other side

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