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When The Smoke Clears

This song is by Abnegation and appears on the album Verses Of The Bleeding (1997).

Morale of the damned, oblvious to the eyes
Standing only one, hidden among the shadows
The weak strive to partake, in today's society
For when the smoke clears, I AM THE ONE!

You will see - when the smoke clears
Where's your god - when the smoke clears
Draped in darkness - when the smoke clears

You will burn, rise of the damned
Looking for a reason, my only excuse
Door of fate opens, fear of emptiness
Your existence is only as long as I make it
Suicide cleanses the souls of the damned
Brought to this world to save

Clergy, burned in fear
Rise of an underworld
Sadly mistaken, the only religion

The one who stands tall
The Father, SATAN!

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