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Verses Of The Bleeding

This song is by Abnegation and appears on the album Verses Of The Bleeding (1997).

Gasping for air
Lungs filled with sand
Renaissance of tyranny
Risen to greet us
Souls of the past

Rape the harvest of heaven
As we eat their bleeding hearts
Slay the lambs of Christ
To feed the worms

Lord of filth
Who enslaved the sick
Morbid sands of time
Bleed angelic script
Angels gagged, barbed wire
Pounded up, spring slaughter
Urine soaked cloth, man of god

Draped over Christ's feeble existence
Virgins stripped down
To bleed for the devil
Molested in agony
Vomit serves to cleanse
Their maggot infested bodies of filth
Impaled, before the church
One last taste of the Life
Blood on the tongue of fools
Drug by thorns
To lie in the shadows

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