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​This Life Arduous

This song is by Ablepsy and appears on the Demo The Chains of Ignorance (2003).

Tomorrow it will be another story
I'll not reach at another day
I have a lump in my throat
What was it of those histories with clever endings?

I have a black wisdom to teach
I have a dreadful past to tell
Only I have a fistful of lies for get along
Only I'm another shatter-man of peaceful lives

This life
I had no sooner left the hole than the heart rang
I'll cry
Her husband's illness has destroyed her for all life
She don't allow that kind of behaviour
I scalloped the edge
Is a man, with arduous luck

I doubt if they'll arrive in time
This ladder won't reach no spot
He has to appear before the dead prompt
He shows a lot of promise

Why were to late for to live trough?
Who goes there?
Tell me why you did it
Were twin-souls of us!
There are some many whys