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​I Believe

This song is by Ablepsy and appears on the Demo The Chains of Ignorance (2003).

Some men believe are heroes
She must say the last word
He follow the soul footsteps

All men walk until the sky
How far are you ready to go?
That place isn't near

I believe what Satan is right
I'm got everything under his belt
Your dreams begin beyond that mountains
I believe my god is "the great"
He leans upon his friends advice
I count on you
I believe

You're standing in my light
He lightens when she shows up
A appeased view of the life

The heart paper was peeling
Caress the feeling of my mind
A paucity of resources

A mysterious presence
God preserve us from this kind of scourges
Sometimes they need to be guilt

Her dreams have become reality
The recognition of their mistakes