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This song is by Ablepsy and appears on the Demo The Chains of Ignorance (2003).

I will hold your insults against you forever
I'm not sure if the heart will hold together
What you didn't does you honour
You'd better listen to some home truths now

Something is bring in high places of minds
I want to bring happiness to you
The bulk of his fluency is a bum
What the devil are you laughing at?

Death, disgrace, still sleeping the snake
Fuck, the ends, I have fallen away from the faith

The beast in me
The sound of revenge
Him blinking tear of eyes
A precious friend
The judgement day
A babel of noises in mind, anger!
Bang goes our agreement

The frigging friendship give me in a fret
Get that solution or you are sunk

What brings you here?
Your arrival will not brighten my life
I have first call for insults you
I will try to earn in all
Let's not forget
You know what I feel
It's not a fellowship
A firm ablepsy

To wake up of the dream!
Ever you are a firm ablepsy!

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