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The Prophecy

This song is by Ablepsia and appears on the demo The Great Dark Beyond (2006).

Light has disappeared
Drowned in the blackness
Of an endless nightfall
To declare the end of this world

Over fake prophets I shall arise
To forsee how mankind's undone

The mortal existence
That spreads like a plague
Is a scourge for the life
Once gifted to them
Intoxicates the minds
The tragical end

Masses are bowing to an imitation of a god
Humble priests telling his lies
And blessing the children before cutting their throats
Pouring the blood in their wine

Their mother - regression, their father - delusion
Their foetus is dead in the womb
Strangled in emotions of own selfish pride
A heritage of utter contempt

Buried in darkness are the black elements of demise

And there's the truth
Unseen for a thousand
Generations misled and unwise

Swear by lies
Like ignorant lambs
Now face the extinction of life

Like starving animals
Feasting on their own rotten flesh
Infecting the world
Like a disease
Behold the sewege race!

Light disappears
Drowning in darkness
As man falls in disgrace
So I forsee
And so shall be done
Unfolding the end

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