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Sadistic Dreams

This song is by Ablaze and appears on the album Psychopath (1986).

Music by: Bert, Frank, Jean, Martin
Lyrics by: Damien

Lyin' in my sleep
Hearin' a voice that's not far away
Painful influence feedin' my brain
Seein' the fire flashin' everywhere
Watchin' the scene it seems a delight
Unware dreamer that's what I am

Now wide awake
I can see the things
That have been happenin' to me
Can't you see careless feeling
That I possess inside of me

Wasn't afraid to close my eyes tonight
Got the feeling I'll take the time
To study the story, play with fire

Burn dowm
Y'ain't got the strength
To try to fight another round
You die I laugh
You stay lifeless from now on
You sleep you paid
And as you'll try
To fight for life but not in time
You won't wanna die
You've got the feeling og death

Dream I will
Gotta know why I was meant to be
As the people know as a man of fear
They see in my eyes I've got death in mind
Fearless thought that I just can't stop
Now I'm free and I'm on a killin' spree

You, you better know
Of the feeling you get when
I walk down the streets
What you see when you look in my eyes
You know, it's the time
When the shivers you have
Come from gettin' to know what it's like
When you're ready to die

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