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Glassmade Stars

This song is by Ablaze and appears on the album Existance (2006).

Allowed to Sail
Out of reality
Happy years of innocence
When the unknown surrounds

White points that lighten
The skies of everynight
Magic lights that fly around
Making wished become true

Teories that will be murdered

Sit on your chair
And listen to all words
Stop creating, start receiving
Someone explained it before

Dreams become fiction
All magic is lost
Limits are written
Life becomes a box

(Black and opaque)
Its roof seems so near now
Who are we to disagree?

Ordinary life
Forsaken thoughts
Time to lose your critic sense
Now start learning it by heart

They gave you blinders
When you were in school
You don't notice the world around you anymore

Ordinary lives
Kept their thoughts
Made use of their critic sense
Wrote what you've learned by heart

Laying in bed
Looking up to the sky
Crying silently
Thinking about the stars
"So they were nothing but
Damn spheres os glass?"
Thinking about it while the sun spins around the earth

They taught it too
They taught it too!

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