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This song is by Abintra and appears on the album Eyes Are Blind - EP (2006).

Oh the disillusion
You crave the words untrue
But our last sand has fallen
The end accrued

I don't deserve the words
You have spoken to me
I am unworthy of
The feelings you set free

Feeling as one
Feeling undone

I left you forsaken
And now you lie crestfallen
I ended forever
When seconds began crawling
I cannot remember
When passion did ignite
For I feel nothing but
Apathy on this night

You lie there leveled
Swallowing the pain
You lost the universe
I had nothing to gain

I don't deserve the tears
You have shed in my name
I am unworthy of the years
Each day became

On this night
Feeling as one
Feeling undone

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