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This song is by Abintra and appears on the album Eyes Are Blind - EP (2006).

Blind conviction at my core
Left me collapsed here on the floor
The heavens above I watched each night
Left me relapsed, besieged in spite

Impervious, you have no remorse
For the agony that you enforce
Adamant heart, you have no hindsight
Of the sheep you keep from sleep each night

Surrounded by night
Judgment shall be my light
I am haunted by your ghost
No longer shall I be your host
I gave you my heart, made you a god
Inscribed your name with my own blood

The time has come for you to reap this seed
I want to feel you bleed

I draw your blade
For this, the attack
Gilded with blackened blood
From within my back

I rid myself of any remorse
Now that she rides on the pale horse
Fleshed forever is my hindsight
My line in the heavens above
That I shall watch every night

You have been dethroned
You have atoned

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