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Hope The Great Betrayal

This song is by Abigail Williams and appears on the album In The Absence Of Light (2010).

Infinite darkness engulfs a shadow over time.
They line up one by one delivering their salted woes.
The fading memory of light drowns beneath the tide.
Though the earth turn cold and the oceans lay frozen
The betrayer of hope sleeps soundly in vast cathedrals of the sky
Mine is the kingdom where sun doth not shine.

For today marks the day of a new age. The age of the unlight.

Let the stars of the twilight mirror the eyes of the beast.
Let them look for light but have none but the great black flame therein.
May forever the day be shrouded in death and sadness.

Remember the day
Dreaming of dreams
You know it to be true
And nothing is done between us
Not till the end of time

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