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This song is by Abigail Grush and appears on the album The Phantom Beat (1999).

It's true, I never talk about you
For you are my new exception to the rule
I can tell you my secrets, but I can't tell you lies
You're wise, you muse never cry, amuse me never lose
Your freedom so dear, my dear
You're freer than I
So why am I
So unbelievable to myself
So leaveable, please think of nothing else
Would you love me more if I went mad?
If I was sure of what I had?
I don't have you and I don't have truth
I don't have clarity, I only have uncertainty
And I don't need you but I might need proof
It seems that absolutely I'll always have uncertainty
And certainly I'm afraid to talk in this tone
And naturally you say you need to be alone
And unfortunately change has rearranged my heart
And I'm torn apart, apart, apart


Written by:

Abigail Grush

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