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This song is by Abigail and appears on the split EP A Celtic/Japanese Alliance (2007) by ​Morrigan and ​Abigail.

This song is a cover of "Mesmerized" by ​Celtic Frost.
You, who like the moon at night
Haunted my mortal heart ...

You who made this ancient walls
Shine like divine marble

The unwanted breath - through credence
A derelict shell in the desert

- Mesmerised
As love inflamed the night
Burning tongues brought the rain
The sand remained - purified

Murmur at the meager's spear
Battered Carthaginian pride
The beloved cry - wasted dismay
Invasion of baseness and shade

You, loved by your father
Innocent as a vestal - dove

Buried in a deep blue sea
As we all lose - ever