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This song is by Abigail and appears on the split EP A Celtic/Japanese Alliance (2007) by Morrigan and Abigail.

This song is a cover of "Mesmerized" by Celtic Frost.
You, who like the moon at night
Haunted my mortal heart ...

You who made this ancient walls
Shine like divine marble

The unwanted breath - through credence
A derelict shell in the desert

- Mesmerised
As love inflamed the night
Burning tongues brought the rain
The sand remained - purified

Murmur at the meager's spear
Battered Carthaginian pride
The beloved cry - wasted dismay
Invasion of baseness and shade

You, loved by your father
Innocent as a vestal - dove

Buried in a deep blue sea
As we all lose - ever

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