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Bitterness...Tears 2007

This song is by Abigail and appears on the EP New Dawn (2007).

I laid my grief on a boat
And sent it far away
And asked the wind
To carry it on.
I look at the flower
Which is unique
Through its kind,
Which dreams a
Dream of sun
Into an eternal night.

I needed to see a hope
Light in your eyes,
A hope of love,
A hope for me.
Leaving me by dying
Makes me feeling much
Lonelier than ever been before.

In my sleep I see them rising
In my dream : the forest of grief.

Suddenly, it became dark.
A cold, freezing air
Was shroud in me: I was shaking.
Then I let my warm blood
To flow over me,
Over my whole body
(To warm up)

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