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We've Got The Music

This song is by Abie Rotenberg and appears on the album Journeys III (1992).

As long as there has been a Jewish nation, music has been an integral component of its history and culture. From the Shira sung by our ancestors at the Yam Suf, to the brilliant compositions of Dovid Ha'melech. From the exquisite harmonies of the Le'Viim in the Beis Ha'Mikdosh, to the musical expressions of faith contained in the melodies of the great Chassidic Rebbes of Europe.
But in this century... and even more so, during the past 30 years, there has been a virtual explosion of creative Jewish song.

From Rosenblatt on gramaphone / to Ohr Chodosh and Simchatone
From Yom Tov Ehrlich's yiddish tunes / to 613 Torah Avenue
With full orchestral symphonies / and digital technology
Forever will these songs exist / on chrome cassette and compact disc

Modzitz Shenker - What a pair / Yankel Talmud - songs of Ger
Shlomo Carlebach - number one / Pirchei sings - the Rabbi's Sons
Negina with Yisroel Lamm / Diaspora Yeshiva band
Uncle Moishe for your child / Piamenta going wild

Yes we've got the music - songs both new and old
There's nothing like a niggun - It's music for your soul

Yigal Calek - Yossi Green / Marvelous Midos Machine
Avrohom Fried - Regesh too / Nachum Segal - F.M.U.
Shteeble hopping all around / D'veykus songs to calm you down
Bobov, Munkatch - Satmar, Square / Lenny's Shlock Rock if you dare

Mendlowitz - Suki Ding / Eli's Camp Sdei Chemed sings
Ira Heller - Dov Levine / Rashi and the Rishonim
Moshe Yess - Megama / the sounds of Kol Salonika
Journeys one, two and three / the one and only M.B.D.

The sweet sounds of Lecha Dodi / sung in perfect harmony
Zemiros on a Friday night / a kumzitz in the candlelight
But one thing we must keep in mind / a Jewish song of any kind
Is only precious - if and when / it brings us closer to Hashem

Tzlil V'Zemer - Miami / Joe Amar - Sharabi
The Noam singers harmonize / Neshomo tapes for exercise
W.E.V.D. / Michoel Streicher - Destiny
And if it's something new you seek / A new tape comes out every week

Shmuel Kunda's story tapes / Moshe Laufer orchestrates
Rechnitzers for comedy / Chabad sings Merry Melodies
Lev V'Nefesh, Chaveirim / Zohar and the brothers Zim
Top Chai reviews with Jacob Klass / let's not forget Yeshiva Brass

Veroba, Lang, Nulman too / recorded all at Systems 2
Ruach music fills the room / Mona Moshe Rosenblum
The Amazing Torah Bike / Yiddle and his Yiddishkeit

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