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Nekomo Song

This song is by Abie Rotenberg and appears on the album The Marvelous Middos Machine Episode 3 (2010).

You were outside in the schoolyard yesterday
And your tummy was so hungry that you couldn't even play
So you asked your buddy Moishy, would you share some of you snack?
He said "No" and you decided that you'd really pay him back

You were working on a map that was due in school next day
When your sister spilled her soda all across the USA
She said, Sorry, please forgive me, is there something I can do?
That's not good enough, you cried out, I'll be getting back at you

Lo, lo, lo, lo, lo tikom
Don't pay back a bad deed with a bad deed of your own
Though you think it's fair to even out the score
The Torah says nekomo's wrong; it always leads to more

Little Barush sat down on your pizza
And you said to yourself, A lesson I will teach ya
So you sprinkled salt and pepper on his ice cream cone
That wasn't right 'cause what you did was lo tikom


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